If you're running a business or a nonprofit, you've probably already asked questions like:

  • What's my best route to the top?
  • Which sections are likely to be treacherous?
  • Where can I secure support lines?
  • How can I course-correct along the way?
  • When I reach one peak, what will that teach me for the next challenge?

let me help you plan for all your marketing solutions.



Create a plan with an overall goal that defines what success looks like for you and separates you from your competitors. That goal should be supported by SMART objectives: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound. Then, team each SMART objective with content marketing strategies using the correct mix of tactics, both offline and online, that attract your target customers. 


Convey features like high quality, solid value, fair price, and great service. Show potential customers how those features become benefits for them when they purchase what you have to sell. Your brand image is shaped, every day, in the minds of your prospects and customers by how you and everyone in your organization interacts with them. Their good feeling for your brand is based on the experiences they have, face-to-face. Over the phone. What they find -- or are disappointed not to find -- on your website. What their influencers -- family, friends, and social networks -- tell them about you. 


Traditional, offline tools like TV, radio, print, and outdoor may still be useful in your marketing mix. You have probably also used some "tradigital" tools like email marketing, online banner ads, and search engine optimization. These are automated-yet-interactive methods of more effectively targeting specific customer niches. But today's Digital Age creates constant streams of information and data about markets and customers that have defined the new "Three P's of Marketing": Platforms, Planning, and People. Marketing has always been about being ready for what's next. This is why a solid, well-planned and implemented Content Marketing Strategy is so important. 



Great content marketing is an essential StorySELLING strategy that builds awareness and increases customer engagement. Today, some of the tradigital and digital marketing methods, in particular, make it easier and less expensive to test your ideas. You can begin to find out what works, what's worth doing again, and what you need to change as you determine your content marketing strategies for:

Prospecting ... to generate leads for follow-up. 

Sales .... to close quicker, at less expense. 

Public Relations ... to build your brand through favorable opinion. 

Customer Support ... to aim for 100% satisfaction. 

Community ... to turn customers into online ambassadors. 

Thought Leadership ... to become influential as a recognized expert.