Some of my earliest and fondest memories are of sitting next to my mother, book on my lap, as she read aloud to me ... and the magic began to happen. Those stories fueled a curiosity that made school something I looked forward to each day, as the small-town kid's worldview expanded through a voracious love of reading that grew into a need to express myself. 

I was pretty sure I always had the best "What I did over my summer vacation" reports, when my travel-loving parents and my older brothers -- a trio of intrepid Boy Scouts, we were -- returned each year from another trek through the campgrounds, back roads, and historical sites of yet more states colored in on the map. My high school graduation present of a trip to Europe took me through nine countries, feeling sophisticated as I happily journaled every day of the experience. If I'd returned to a Depression-Era mountain in Virginia, I might have been mistaken for John-Boy Walton, ready to polish my spectacles and pack my ancient Underwood typewriter in pursuit of my journalism degree.

Over my 30+ years in integrated marketing communications, I've become a content marketing strategist and writer with a solid background in traditional, "tradigital," and digital methods of identifying and targeting ideal customers. Even as the marketing tool kit continues to expand and improve -- almost daily, it seems -- your customers have always wanted to know the answer to the universal question: "What's in it for ME?" 

In my long career with both Fortune 500 companies and much smaller businesses, I've been on the corporate side of marketing. But I've also served clients as a marketing agency account director. I've been responsible for strategic content marketing in a broad range of categories including banking, insurance and financial services, government, hotels, gaming, liquor, electronics, pet food, health and beauty aids, and more. You can find more details on my LinkedIn profile.

On my off-hours, as an ardent believer in social justice, I was an adult literacy tutor. My most memorable experience was helping an immigrant from Belize with the equivalent of a third-grade reading level get his GED. As I watched his eyes light up with each new little-victory, I knew I was "paying forward" the magic my mother had gifted to me on that childhood sofa. I supplemented the approved curriculum with newspapers, National Geographic, and -- I admit it -- People magazine to make things more interesting for my student. Later, he became a proud U.S. citizen who I'm sure felt every word of his oath. 

I also volunteered for a variety of other charitable causes before deciding to apply what I'd learned for the marketing, public relations, and fundraising benefit of two different nonprofit organizations. Most recently, I've done award-winning work with three consecutive campaigns to create brand awareness and develop engagement with donors and volunteers. And I was fortunate to have collaborative partners as we teamed to deliver record-breaking fundraising results through direct response, event marketing, and retail efforts. 

I'm self-identified as a life-long-learner. And I'd like to learn more about what you need. 

Whether you run a business or a nonprofit ... no matter your needs or budget ... I want to help you arrive at YOUR Marketing Solution! Contact me for a no-cost, no-obligation consultation.